Traditional Chinese Medicine Endorsed by Robert Downey Jr.

Posted on Apr 15, 2012

Traditional Chinese Medicine Gets Boost From Actor

Traditional Chinese Medicine shared the spot light with actor Robert Downey, Jr. on Sunday, March 25, 2012. Robert Downey Jr. was awarded the annual Robert Graham Visionary Award at a private residence in Malibu, California.  The event included a number of faculty and students from the Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

So, what does Robert Downey Jr. have to do with Yo San University and Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine And Discipline Create Results

When Robert Downey Jr. was contacted about receiving the award he reportedly questioned himself about whether he qualified for it and then he confessed to being as close to Chinese- American as any Caucasian ever could be.  He routinely practices Qi Gong along with a number of Chinese based disciplines, he takes herbal formulas and eats seasonally appropriate meals.  He says that every discipline he uses from Chinese traditions is worth putting his time and energy into because they work for him.   He believes they have made him a better person and gives credit to the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts for personal and professional achievements. The actor also gives credit for the birth of his son to a strict regimen of prescribed duties which included herbal formulas, consultations and acupuncture sessions for many months prior to conception.

The event was a fund raiser and all proceeds benefited Yo San University’s community service projects to provide free or subsidized acupuncture and Chinese medicine to the under served.

Yo San University was founded in 1989 by brothers Dr. Daoshing Ni and Dr. Mao Shing Ni who named the University after their grandfather, Master Yo San Ni, a healer and teacher in the Taoist tradition. The Ni family enjoys a rare and unbroken lineage of 38 generations of healers practicing Chinese medicine.

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