Roxanne Nelson of Antiquity Acupuncture Has Improved The Quality of My Life

Roxanne Nelson of Antiquity Acupuncture, Evergreen has helped improve the quality of my life.  Her thorough knowledge and compassionate hand have helped me experience less pain and more fluid movement following acupuncture treatments.  I appreciate Roxanne’s professional approach to her work and the peaceful atmosphere in her treatment room.  I’m grateful for her acupuncture expertise.  It’s great to have a skilled and caring acupuncturist in Evergreen who is so close to home.

Linda W.


After seeing a number of practitioners in the Denver area who could not help me with some health challenges, I started looking a little closer to home for an acupuncturist who focused on women in Evergreen.  Roxanne Nelson not only allowed me to initially interview her by phone but was able to set up an appointment within the week.  By the end of the first month I was feeling much better in several areas.  She has taught me about women’s issues and how traditional Chinese medicine can make a huge difference. I take special herb formulas and eat foods that help with my issues.  I have learned what foods to avoid and how to create energy by working with a different focus in mind.  As it turned out, my work outs were depleting energy that was necessary for health and healing.  Now I create energy with a different approach.  I also didn’t realize I was having such a difficult time sleeping and that contributed to a number of problems.  Now I get a good night’s sleep and feel better than I have in over a year.  Roxanne is compassionate, caring and patient. She works hard to get results and for that I am most grateful.

Pam T.



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